I have moved …

I have moved both my physical location and my webpage.

In 2015, a few months after publishing my book: i-matter, my husband and I moved our household from NW Iowa to Central Oregon.  It was a bumpy transition and I ended up neglecting this website. Although I intended to start an i-matter community, moving to Central Oregon took more of my time than I expected.

The purpose of the move is to transition into a healthier life.  The new location will give me a chance to live out my philosophy that I spoke about in my book: i-matter.

I started a new website @ thehamlet.site. I am documenting my journey of trying to live out my i-matter philosophy integrated with my husbands dreams and aspirations of being a horse breeder. I will be using a Kodak Pixpro 360 camera that my husband gave me for my birthday.

So, please join me at The Hamlet to see my philosophy in action and in 360.


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