4 Ways to Celebrate


Time to Celebrate the Summit

In my book i-matter I talk about the importance of celebrating the summit of the year and the summit of the year – The Summer Solstice – is just around the corner.  This is the time to celebrate the achievements we have made so far this year, before we let them go to move forward on our spiritual journey.

4 Ways to Celebrate

  1. Perform a Public Ritual or Ceremony

Many people, this time of year, participate in a public ritual  or ceremony called graduation.  I have attended two such ceremonies this year.  My son graduated from high school and my daughter graduated from college.  Graduation ceremonies are ritual.  They all have introductions, speeches, awards, and not to forget, the handing out of the diplomas.  These ceremonies celebrate the accomplishment of attaining a set amount of knowledge.

Individuals that do not attend a formal education system can still have a ceremony to celebrate the attainment of knowledge.  You just have to do all the planning yourself.

  • Rent a public venue
  • Invite family & friends
  • Provide entertainment & a meal
  • Ask a friend to give you an introduction
  • Do a power point or video presentation of what you learned

If you know of others that attained some knowledge, ask them to attend and give awards.


 2. Commemorate the Occasion with Festivity

Have a Summer Solstice Party.  It is the beginning of summer, so have a backyard cookout.  Decorate the backyard (or rent space at a park).  Hire some fun entertainment.  This is all about marking the occasion with fun, and don’t forget to invite all your friends.


3. Honor & Praise Others

A tradition of giving honor & praise to others is usually done in the form of gift giving, specially on birthdays.  You can use the act of gift giving to honor & praise the people in your life anytime, not just on their birthday.  You don’t need a special party to do this.  You just need to decide whom you would like to honor & praise and how you would like to do it.  Will you opt for a simple card, or do you want to go for a gift and a verbal “thank you” ?  The methods are endless.


4. Engage in Some Form of Pleasurable Activity

Some people don’t like big parties.  They just prefer marking an occasion with a simple activity.  For instance, if you have spent the last 6 months working your butt off to get that big promotion, you might enjoy a day at the spa relaxing as a form of celebration. Or, you might be the adventurous type and want to go skydiving.  Any activity that you find pleasurable can be used as a form of celebration.

You can use one or more of these 4 ways to celebrate.

  1. Perform a public ritual or ceremony
  2. Commemorate the occasion with festivity
  3. Honor & Praise others
  4. Engage in some form of pleasurable activity

How will you celebrate the Summer Solstice this year?

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