i-matter is about Intelligent Matter.

Intelligent Matter is taking in (absorbing) of information (data) and responding to (releasing) that information.

All matter is intelligent matter.


“Atoms have intelligence, and the intelligence of man is the sum of the intelligence of the atoms that compose his body.” – Thomas Edison.


We are intellegent beings. As intelligent beings we have two acts of purpose:

1) take in data (information)

2) respond to (release) that data (information).


Materialist based people think life is about accumulating.

Spiritual based people think life is about letting go.

Life is about both; accumulating and letting go.


Life is a balanced cycle.

It is a pendulum that swings both ways.

It is a lava lamp that flows up and down.

It is both a particle and a wave.


The Universe is intelligent and we need to be intelligent as well.

On this blog, you will find information on accumulating and letting go; on absorbing and releasing; on being a particle and a wave. This blog is about living an intelligent balanced life.