Bent Knee Corpse Pose

In Richard Rosen’s book, “The Yoga of Breath”, he describes a modified Corpse Pose called Bent Knee Corpse.

Exhale and lift your right foot away from the floor until the thigh is perpendicular to the floor.  Imagine there’s a long pencil attached to your kneecap with its point touching the ceiling.  Begin to draw a large circle on the ceiling, rotating the thigh first clockwise for a few turns, then counterclockwise for an equal number of turns.  Gradually diminish the circumference of this circle until your thigh comes to a stop.  Now the femur head is centered directly in the hip socket.  Allow the bony ball to sink through the socket to the back of your pelvis and, with an exhale, release the foot back onto the floor.  Repeat with the left foot.


When I did this pose for the first time, I felt pressure right away in my pelvis.  I moved my heels out and felt pressure and pain down my right leg.  The injury I incurred 3 years ago, when a horse fell on top of me, came back to mind. I stayed in the pose for the alloted time.  I could feel pressure and movement in my sacrum.

When the pose was over and I was getting up, I heard a pop and felt a pop in my sacrum. The rest of the day, I felt muscle strain in my right leg.

I have been doing this pose everyday for about a month. My right leg is straighter and I no longer feel pressure or pain.

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