Dance of Life … matters

Life is a dance.

The environment is the ballroom.

All the elements of life, dance in circulation to the rhythm of the Universe.

They each take turns with all the dance partners.

The soil dances with plants.

The air spins the trees to the breeze.

Animals mingle with other animals and plants.

Water passes from the mountains, to rivers, to oceans, blowing kisses to plants and animals as she passes by.

Birds chirp to the sound of the Universal orchestra that keeps the ballroom alive.

Then the drunk uncle drops by and spoils the dance of life.

Wanting the water all to himself, he steals her away from the land.

He sees the trees and wants them too and takes them away from the land.

Not having enough, he takes the lands punch glass of oil and drinks until he can drink no more.

He vomits on air as she twirls by.

The party is over.

The dance has been ruined.

The rhythm of life has been broken.

If only the drunk Uncle didn’t become drunk with greed.

If only man learns to be patient and take his turn in the dance of life.

Then he wouldn’t suffer from the symptoms of a hangover.

Learn to dance in rhythm with the orchestra of the Universe.

Take turns dancing with all the partners of life.

Then the party will go on.

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