i-matter: Intelligent Matter

After years of studying many philosophies on life, science, and spirituality, I came across a quote by Thomas Edison.  He said, “Atoms have intelligence, and the intelligence of man is the sum of the intelligence of the atoms that compose his body.”  A light bulb went on (excuse the pun).


Atoms are matter. Atoms have intelligence. Matter is intelligent. We are matter. We are Intelligent Matter.


I took this thought and looked into it deeper.  I discovered what it really means to be intelligent.  I discovered how we as humans are meant to be intelligent matter of the Universe and how history shows in general that is how we live.  Our desires and needs are just sensors that are trying to guide us in being Intelligent Matter.


As you read this book, you will discover what it means to be intelligent and the features of man that make him intelligent.


As Intelligent Matter, we have two acts of purpose.

  • Take in data (information)
  • Respond to (release) that data (information)


The reading of this book will help you understand these two acts and how we need both to really be living life.  If we just do one or the other, we are only living life half-way and will always feel the pull of needing something more.


This book doesn’t create anything new.  It takes what is already out there and explains it in “plain terms”.  You don’t have to be a spiritual guru to live an intelligent life. This book is for everyday people with everyday lives.  There is no certification program that has to be completed to become intelligent.  We are born intelligent.  We just need to live as Intelligent Matter.


Take the information in this book, mix it with your own common sense, and you will understand how the Universe works and how simple it is to be i-matter:  Intelligent Matter.


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