My Message


Our connection with each other and all things in the Universe is what keeps the Universe together.  When we separate ourselves from each other, we destoy the bonds that hold our world, our Universe together.  If we continue down this path, we will destroy, not only that which we don’t understand, but ourselves as well. By opening our minds and our hearts, we expand our awareness of all things and strengthen the bonds that holds the Universe together.

I am Holy.  I am Sacred.  I matter.

You are Holy.  You are Sacred.  You matter.

Anoint yourself, not adorn yourself. People confuse anointment with adornment. When you are anointing yourself, you are saying, “I am holy and sacred.” When you are adorning yourself, you are saying, “I am an ornament, something beautiful to look at.” The difference is intention.

You are sacred because you are part of the Universe. Without you, the Universe would be less.  Be dedicated to yourself. When you are dedicated to yourself, you are dedicated to the Universe, because you are part of the Universe. As a sacred part of the Universe, you have a universal right against defamation, violation, or intrusion. Stand up for that right. When you are defamed, the Universe is defamed. When you are violated, the Universe is violated. When you are intruded upon, so is the Universe. Stand up for the Universe. Stand up for yourself.

Do you know how I know I matter?

Science tells me so.  I matter.  I am matter.

My energy … matter.

My thoughts and expressions … matter.

What I say … matter.

What I write … matter.

When others talk about me … matter.

Matter is the body of heroic stories and legends.

Be a hero … you matter.

You are important.  You are significant.  You matter.

And even if you haven’t taken on a form, you … matter.