Questions … matter



We are all looking for answers.  But what are the answers we are looking for?

 Is it to know how the Universe works?  Not really.

 It is how to be happy. 

We see misery and think, if I could figure out how this happened I can prevent it. 

So we go from looking at how to be happy to how not to be miserable. 

In our search, we become tired and just want a system to live by and not be bothered.

In the end, we just want to know how to live.

We look for something greater than us for answers because we realize we don’t have them.

We ask:  How does the Earth live?  How does the Sun live?  How does the Universe live?

All the while, we are living.

The real questions are:

Why am I living?

What is my purpose?

What is the purpose of the Universe?

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