Sense of Emotion

According to the Institute of HeartMath:

“Your heart emits an electromagnetic field that changes according to your emotions.  Others can pick up the quality of your emotions through the electromagnetic energy radiating from your heart.”

This is our Sense of Emotion.

Our Sense of Emotion is the second most important sense with the Sense of Understanding being first.  Just like our Sense of Understanding, we sense emotions while being in the wave state and the particle state of being.

Our hearts receive emotions as electromagnetic waves and then transmit this information to our brains for processing.  Our hearts also respond with electromagnetic transmissions.  Our hearts are very important to our emotional health.

Most everyone knows that diet and exercise are important for heart health.  Emotion is important to heart health as well.  The stronger electromagnetic frequency overrides the weaker electromagnetic frequency.  If anger is the prominent force then anger is what we feel.  If love is the prominent force, then love is what we feel.

However, this is not true in all circumstances.  We have the ability to feel more than one emotion, just like seeing more than one color, or hearing more than one sound. We, also, have freewill and the ability to choose what emotion we wish to emit despite the emotion we feel. This is where bio-feedback therapy comes into play.  Bio-feedback therapy is where a person can learn to change their emotional responses to stimuli with the help of technology.

Not everyone can afford bio-feedback therapy or has access to it.  Instead, we can be mindful of our environment and the emotions we surround ourself with.

Just like meditation is good for the mind, there are many meditations that promote heart health.  Some use the mind to focus on the heart.  Some use music to change the electromagnetic frequency of the heart.  Another is walking meditation.  Walking meditation exercises the heart physically and emotionally.

To perform Walking Meditation, walk for at least 10 minutes in a location with positive emotion/energy.  Listen to music for additional benefit, or just listen to nature.  The goal of this meditation is to focus on your emotional state and your environment, not your thoughts.

Do this everyday, preferably after doing a Standing Meditation.  You will start to see yourself becoming less stressed as your heart and your ability to choose your emotional state becomes stronger.

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