Sense of Touch

According to Wikipedia, “the impressions of touch is formed from several modalities including pressure, skin stretch, vibration, and temperature.”

This is done when sensory nerves send information about stimuli to the brain.  Sensory nerves are in the skin, muscles, organs, and also the nervous system, itself.

Sensory neuropathy, or damage to the sensory nerves, can reduce a person’s sense of touch.  One of the causes of neropathy is high blood sugar.  High blood sugar can lead to excessive production of free radicals.  Excessive free radicals can damage nerves.  Along with poor diet, environmental toxins and illness can also cause nerve damage.  Living in a toxic free environment and eating a diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables can help maintain nerve health.

Besides preventing nerve damage, there are things that can be done to increase nerve strength.  Energy focused exercise, such as Qigong or Taichi, done everyday can help strengthen nerve health.  Calligraphy and drawing (on paper, not on the computer) has also been shown as a good way to exercise the nervous system.

The majority of our sensory nerves are located in our skin.  Taking care of our skin will also take care of our nerves.

Washing can remove germs that may cause harm to our body, but strong soaps can also remove protective oils from our skin.  Using a daily moisturizer can replace any oils lost during bathing.

We can also protect our skin from environmental harm by wearing clothes that protect us from extreme elements, such as extreme sun and excessive cold.


  • Keep away from toxins
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Replace oils lost during bathing, and
  • Wear protective clothing

Do this everyday and you will have a healthy nervous system to guide you through the world.

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