Sense of Understanding

Our most important sense is our Sense of Understanding.  We use it when we are awake and when we are asleep.  It helps us navigate both the spirit world and the material world.

Our Sense of Understanding comes from the mind.  The best exercise for the mind is meditation.


There are many types of meditation.  Standing meditation is the best type for absorbing information from the Universe.  When we stand, our spinal column becomes a receiving rod of energy waves and our brain the receiver.  The better our posture is when standing, the better our reception is of the Universal information.

Ancient Shamans called standing meditation, Energy Bathing.  They would wake at sunrise and do a standing meditation facing the sun, a mountain, a tree, etc. what ever they wanted to absorb energy from.

The object of Standing Meditation is not to ’empty the mind’ of thoughts, but to allow information to flow into the mind.

Upon first waking in the morning, do a standing meditation.  Stand still for at least 10 minutes (work up to 10 minutes, if this is too long).  Let the thoughts flow.  After 10 minutes, take a moment to write down what came to mind.  Is the information something you need to address, or is it something you can hold onto?  Let this information be a guiding factor for your day.

Keep doing this and your sense of understanding of the world will become stronger and your ability to make decisions will become easier.

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