The Sense of Taste

The Sense of Taste is the sensory information received from items placed in the mouth.  This sense helps us determine if the item is beneficial or poisonness.  A bad taste can cause a person to vomit to remove potential poisons.

If the item is determined to be beneficial (tastes good), the mouth will produce more saliva.  Saliva helps to digest food and keeps the mouth healthy.

There are five basic tastes:  sweet, sour, salty, bitter and unami.  Researchers are looking into additional tastes that could be added to the list, such as fatty, spicy, metalic, etc.

Keeping a journal of the food you eat and how it tastes can help you see if you are tasting to your full potential.  Are you eating a variety of tastes or is there one taste that dominates your diet?

Eating a variety of tastes everyday will stimulate saliva production and help you keep a healthy mouth.

Enjoy the taste of life.

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