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i-matter-universe is:

A World of Openness & Diversity

A Society of Self-sufficient Individuals Living in Cohesion & NOT using each other or the environment


By Participating in this community, You will:


Learn how the Universe really works

Learn how we work in the Universe

Become more excepting of different viewpoints

Become strong enough to make the right decisions


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Receive the “Intelligent Matters” Newsletter to keep you updated on community happenings

Participate in the community forums to share your viewpoint on forum topics & learn others points of view as well

Receive badges for completing community activities to mark your achievements of growth

Have access to talented and educated individuals to expand your network of information


I am still in the process of getting all the programming implemented for the forums and will be opening them soon.  In the meantime, feel free to browse the blog postings.

If you are interested in joining this community, please sign up for an invite and I will let you know when the community forums are up and running.

If you have ideas that you would like to be part of this community feel free to send them to me at tracy@i-matter.org

Live Intelligently!


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